Top 10 Reasons To Play Hockey

#1 - hockey builds confidence

Hockey helps develop a positive attitude, self-image and self-esteem. There's nothing like ice to teach kids about standing on their own two feet.

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#2 - hockey teaches kids to play

Nothing compares to the feeling of gliding on ice. It's like flying with your feet on the ground.

#3 - hockey builds mental agility

Decision-making, strategy, concentration — hockey teaches kids a lot more than how to skate.


#4 - rinks are warmer than you think

Nothing forges new friendships faster than youth hockey. Not only will your child make new friends, you will, too! Make that two hot chocolates, please.

#5 - hockey teaches persistence

Everyone stumbles on occasion, but hockey players always get back on their feet.

Rochester Jr Americans Photos-251

#6 - hockey is for everyone

You don't have to be especially tall or especially large to excel. Boys, girls, tall, short, big, small — hockey players come in all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds.

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#7 - hockey develops social skills

It takes cooperation, teamwork and respect to succeed on and off the ice. Hockey teaches those skills, while also creating new friendships.


#8 - screening the goalie is better than screen time

Hockey gives children an engaging, fast-paced, healthy alternative to sedentary recreation.

#9 - hockey increases physical literacy

Nothing tops skating for the development of two fundamental skills: balance and the ability to glide.


#10 - you can play for a lifetime

Skating is low-impact and adult hockey participation is on the rise.