Alumni Alert – Jake Lipani Commits to NC State Hockey

May 22, 2024 – Jake Lipani, a standout alum from our organization, has committed to play college hockey at NC State. Lipani’s journey from youth hockey to college commitment highlights his dedication and passion for the sport.

Jake began his hockey career with us, quickly becoming known for his talent and determination. After his time here, he played for Penfield High School, where he further developed his skills and showcased his abilities on the ice. Following his successful stint at Penfield, he spent two seasons at Brooks School in Massachusetts, continuing to grow and make a name for himself.

After Brooks School, Lipani played a year with the EHL Providence Hockey Club. This experience allowed him to further hone his game and prepare for the challenges of college hockey.

Now, Lipani is set to join the NC State Wolfpack, a significant milestone in his hockey career. His commitment to NC State is a testament to his hard work and perseverance.

Jake’s journey serves as an inspiration to all young players in our organization. We are incredibly proud of his achievements and look forward to seeing his continued success on and off the ice.

Congratulations to Jake Lipani on this exciting new chapter. Stay tuned for more updates on our alumni and their progress in the hockey world.