Tryout Results – 13U Travel

13U aaa team

Coach Jeff Topor

Blake Bagley
Henry Baudo
William Colling
Nici Crescimanni
Luca Dicunzolo
Cristian Fiorillo
Ryan Garsin
Geno Insalaco
Corbin Miller
Weston Myers
Graham Pollard
Jake Rene
Carson Schubmehl
Ray Sember
Noah Topor
Jax VanThof
Colton Walters

Kage Corcoran
Luciano Fusilli
Nathaniel Reed

13U aa1 team

Coach Jon Obstarczyk

Ryan Ballou
Kage Corcoran
Luciano Fusilli
Ethan Gallea
Trevor Haugh
Joey Hellinger
Ethan Huchzermeir
Breck Masters
Andrew Nichols
Nick Obstarczyk
Cooper Paulis
Aiden Phillips
Nathaniel Reed
Ivan Seablom
Jackson Tschiderer
Brady Weiermiller
Chase Zander

Brady Johnson
Sean Richards

13U aa2 team

Coach Greg Wicker

Jackson Baer
Brooks Baxter
Trevor Blount
Ryan Brown
Jude Calabrese
Evan Conner
Jisiah Conroy
Daniel Halter
Owen Hitchcock
Brady Johnson
Trent Munro
Sean Richards
Connor Shaffer
Joshua Tiede
Julian Voica
Elliot West
Kellen Wicker


Tristan Corson
Charlie Kane
Evan Wolfe

13U a team

Coach Tim Auerhahn

dConnor Ahern
Luke Auerhahn
Brody Charpinsky
Cameron Fitzpatrick
Aiden Gough
Max Gough
Dominick Henning
Jace Rapp
Izzy Shaw
Shaan Shrivastava
Cole Simmonds
Grant Tuttle
Colin Udovich
Abram Zion


John Hensel
Abe Justice

If your player was selected to join a Jr. Amerks roster, then you will soon receive an email from the head coach with information about the upcoming season. In addition, you will receive a Season Commitment Form by email from the Jr. Amerks. You must sign the Season Commitment Form before your player is officially added to the team roster. Commitment forms are signed electronically, and you will receive a confirmation email once it's completed.

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